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Levinson is one of the most dependable brand names when it comes to high-end audio systems. For years the brand has been recognized by audiophiles throughout the world as equipment that delivers clear and consistent quality in music.

What are the specs for the Proceed PDSD?

What else to know about the Proceed PDSD?

"I frown on the strictly "preamplifier" category offered on this site, becasue so many of us are mixing high-end audio with high-end home theater, and products like the Proceed PAV/PDSD, Theta Casablanca, etc.--products that strive to function in both realms--get short shrift. In any case, my system is just that: a combination audio/video system, with a strong leaning toward audio. Simply because my preamp/processor can do more than simply deliver two channel stereo should not exclude it from comment on this site.

Which brings me to the Proceed PAV/PDSD. I purchased this when I had the Definitve Technology BP2000 array of speakers, driven by a Krell KAV-500 multichannel amp. I now have the Aerial Acoustic 10t array of speakers (alas! my center channel speaker has blown! Already sent back to Aerial) and I've added the Krell KAV250A for the two front mains. I have two bridged channels of the KAV500 driving the Aerial Center (once it gets back), with one channel each of the KAV500 driving each of the rears. My reference cd player is the Sony XA7ES.

Now, so many have written of the superior quality of the Sony cd player. And it truly delivers. But a great sign of the quality of the Proceed is by making instantaneous comparisons between the sound of the Sony when using its own high-quality d/a conversion, or by using the digital output to the Proceed. The difference is striking. The Proceed offers a cleaner sound, more detailed, and far more dynamic. This is true when it's played in normal stereo mode, or when it's played in Proceed's attractive (but simple) stereo surround mode.

The Proceed likewise offers great sound on other digital sources, such as DVD or LD. For those who have not yet heard the DELOS DVD of the 1812 overture, I can only comment that this is the future of electronically reproduced music. DVD audio, as exemplified by the DELOS selection, is greatly superior to conventional cd players, and I am excited about the prospect of future selections in this mode. I must say, however, that I can't impart the same enthusiasm to the limited collection of DTS cds I have. Perhaps it's the mixing of the production itself, but these sound artificial and "gimmicky" as opposed to the enveloping sound of the DELOS DVD audio. While DTS sounds great on soundtracks, I simply haven't heard any selections that yet compare, purely music that is.

In any case, the Proceed PAV/PDSD combo is just as good as you can hope for it to be. I'm convinced that it's not merely the best surround sound processor available today (and its software-downloadability for future mode upgrades is simply tremendous), it's an audiophile-caliber preamp as well. Interestingly, while I like my Aerial Acoustics, and am still getting to know them, It's the Proceed and the Krell that have made the biggest sonic differences in my system. The Proceed is so versatile and user-friendly, as well as great sounding, that I don't see how you could hope for much more." - AudioReview, Nicholas D.

Brief History of Mark Levinson

Long mapped-to Binghamton New York – the current headquarters and manufacturing center for Mark Levinson Labs – not many people know the brand was originally launched outside of the Nation’s Capital in Silver Spring Maryland, in 1949. In 1956, the brand built their original facility in New York, according to the official brand website.

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