StereoBuyers gets a dozen or more quote requests per day, from electronics novices to audiophiles. We have found we buy most used high-end stereo and home theater equipment from people in the following situations:

Out With the Old, In With the New: We help customers sell their existing hi-fi and home theater equipment so they can upgrade to newer or better stereo systems.

Moving or Relocating: If your new home can’t accommodate your equipment, or if you prefer not to schlep your equipment to another location, let us do the heavy lifting and pay you cash for it instead.

Scaling Back: If you no longer have time to enjoy the audio / video system you invested in, or if you need to free up room in your home, let us buy back your AV equipment.

Liquidity and Cash Needs: StereoBuyers has helped many individuals get through tough financial situations. We can turn your high-end home audio and stereo components into cash quickly, and give you peace of mind.

Death or Divorce: During these unfortunate times, StereoBuyers has compassionately helped divorcees and widows/widowers looking to sell unwanted or unneeded equipment.

Simplify Your System: If your vintage stereo or AV system ended up being too complicated for your family or employees to use, we can help take it off your hands - in exchange for cash.

WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor): StereoBuyers can delicately navigate the “get those gigantic speakers out of the living room!” situation.

Broken and Too Expensive to Repair: Let us deal with the hassle - StereoBuyers does buy qualifying high-end audio/video equipment that isn't working.